Leo & Bri

Sensual Bachata Instructors & Performers based out of New York, New York

Leo & Bri are sensual bachata instructors based out of New York, New York.

Private lessons

A lesson where it is all about you! Private lessons are great for a couple reasons:

1. You get to focus in detail on the things you have questions about. We can address whatever you need, and you don't have to listen and sit through things you already know.

2. We go at your pace, and you'll learn a lot faster than in a group lesson! Since a private lesson is one on one, you are going to learn a lot more material within an hour or two than you would in a normal group lesson. This means you will progress as a dancer much faster. 

Privates lessons are wonderful for dancers of all levels! As a beginner, a private lesson will be the perfect jump start to get you out on the dance floor. As a more advanced dancer, it will help you hone in your technique and skills that will take you to the next level!

Please contact Leo & Bri via the contact page for pricing details. 


A workshop is an intensive lesson. It can follow the style of an in-depth crash-course, where the equivalent of multiple lessons are condensed into one intensive course; or it can follow the style of an in-depth focus on a particular element of dance (i.e. a workshop focused on dynamics).

Reasons you may want to book a workshop:

  • To draw in more students to your studio and generate interest. Visiting artists generate excitement and curiosity among people in the dance community.
  • To quickly improve the overall level of dancers in your community. An intensive can work wonders in a relatively short amount of time.
  • To freshen things up. Workshops from visiting artists give a new perspective, teaching style and ideas/lessons.

Please contact Leo & Bri via the contact page for pricing details.