Leo & Bri

Sensual Bachata Instructors & Performers based out of New York, New York

Leo & Bri are sensual bachata instructors based out of New York, New York.


"Leo and Bri are great! They taught at my event The DC Salsa and Bachata Dance festival (DCSB Fest) and I heard nothing but great feedback from their workshop attendees. Great instructors! They are professional and passionate about their work. Can't wait to have them back again."
- Parker Cocolo (Festival Organizer)

"Met Leo & Bri in Virginia this past weekend, took a workshop and a lesson at a social. What a delightful couple! They are amazing dancers with great choreography, excellent body control and clean routines! Not every dancer is a good instructor though... Leo and Bri are truly gifted at teaching, they break down every movement to where it all makes perfect sense and comes together almost effortlessly! This was the best I felt after a lesson about my progress and ability to follow a routine, time well invested. Thank you both! I wish you great success in your dancing career!"
- Masha

"I just took their class today about body isolation and loved it. They broke everything down. It was easy to follow. We can ask all the questions and they explain it well. They are also funny. You don't need to feel embarrassed not knowing."
- Barbi

"I highly recommend the Daniel and Desiree of the US Leo and Bri :-) I saw them give a workshop for the first time this past weekend and they're really really good! They connect very well with everyone, show you both perspective from lead and follow, interact heavily with the attendees, are funny and endearing, and are super competent and clear in their instruction."
- Joseph

"I highly recommend having private lessons with Leo & Bri. I love their sensual bachata style! They asked me what I wanted to work on, and they helped me exactly with that and more. They assessed my movements and focused on how to correct them. They emphasized on making sure I had a strong base movement, but also having form and styles correct. They taught me so many important techniques, I had to take notes so I can remember all and practice them. They know exactly what they are doing. They are fantastic instructors! They are a great team. They are so professional, friendly, patient and helpful. Thank you Leo & Bri!"
- Sonia

"I had an amazing time at their workshop. I want[ed] to meet them when many different people at different times, told me about an amazing video, and it was Leo & Bri! I signed up for this workshop [Sensual Bachata Dynamics NYC] and it exceeded my expectations. They were great at explaining the principals of why certain moves worked, and they made sure I was able to execute the moves well. There was even a point where Leo adjusted my hand just a little, but that small adjustment changed the move from good to amazing!! I can't wait for their next workshop!!! They are an amazing dance couple and I highly recommend them!!!! They are going to take the dance world by storm!!!"
- John

"I've taken a few classes from Leo & Bri now and I have to say their classes and workshops are always really fun and really helpful. They both understand the importance of teaching connection while dancing and lead/follow fundamentals instead of just asking you to memorize turn patterns. They've spent time during the classes and workshops I've taken to teach how to improve your musicality, how to notice and adjust to changes in tempo in a song, how to sell the moves you're doing instead of just executing them plainly, always with a focus on how to apply this knowledge on the social dance floor. These are things that I find are often skipped over in many classes. 
They are also just really nice people and genuinely want you to improve as a dancer. I look forward to taking more classes with them."
- Samuel

"This is the bachata power couple of the year! They are extremely talented dancers and so full of excitement for teaching their craft. They make sure every student gets the attention they need to grow, and are sure to have a blast while doing so! From beginner level to advanced, I recommend Leo & Bri 100 times over! Not to mention, they're just fantastic people!"
- Rachel
"Leo and Bri are amazing! They are enthusiastic, they put you at ease, and as instructors they are perceptive. I got so much out of my lessons with them because they just immediately started working with me in what I was doing in Bachata and even Zouk."
- Ben
"These two are amazing. Both Leo and Bri danced with me and I was able to follow both. They gently led me through combinations I hadn't done in a very relaxed, fun, and supportive way. I can't wait to dance with them again. They have made Bachata my new favorite dance!"
- Jene
"Found out about this class when I met Leo at a social. I really liked his style of dancing and decided to go check it out. I really enjoyed the class. It went at a smooth pace, teaching some cool moves with solid breakdown and explanation. We also got to witness a cool demo at the end of the class which was a bonus. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn some cool new moves. Also, Leo and Brianna are really lovely people and fun to dance with."
- Adarsh